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Supporting the Supporters Campaign

At the GSNV one of our main roles is supporting support groups from inception to maturity. We believe support from your peers is highly valuable and that your peers can be a great sounding board. We understand that starting up and running a support group can be rewarding, however, it also comes with many challenges. We will begin a quarterly support group "Supporting the Supporters" event where support group leaders, or those who are thinking of starting a support group can come together for a few hours, and share ideas. Support group leaders with experience can mentor the support groups that are just starting out, but also those just beginning, can bring fresh eyes to problems that established support group might be struggling with. 

We are holding our first Supporting the Supporters session on the 22nd of March from 6pm-7pm at the Royal Children's Hospital. All support group members are welcome.  If this sounds like something that you would be interested in please contact the GSNV on info@gsnv.org.au. Please RSVP by 20th of March.


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